WETEX 2018

B2B Exhibitor Meeting Bookings


  • B2G Meetings are exclusive to WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2020 exhibitors
  • Please read the guidelines related to B2B and B2G meeting requests prior to registration.
  • When using the audio-visual chat feature on the virtual platform to speak with exhibitors, attend seminars, or for any other activity; you must act responsibly, adhere to public etiquette, and only discuss topics related to the exhibition. Users are not permitted to display any materials or discuss any topic that:
    • violate UAE laws
    • that are inappropriate or abusive to any person, company, or organisation inside or outside the UAE
    • could pose security or privacy risks
    • use foul language, or language that is indecent or slanderous
    • violates the privacy of others
    • could be interpreted as discriminatory or hurtful to anyone based on race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion etc.
  • We collect your information in order to use it within B2B meeting invites such as; name, email, date and time of the meeting

  • DEWA reserves the right to block any user who misuse this platform, and can take necessary legal action against the user.

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