The ANTRAKS Group’s System of Monitoring and Controlling the Power Grid

Thursday, 29 Sep 2022 @ 01:40 pm - 02:10 pm
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Mr. Kucheriavenkov Andrei

Andrei Kucheriavenkov is the CEO of ANTRAKS Research and Manufacturing Company. He is responsible for forecasting development of the industry, designing the company's development strategy, formation of the management team and negotiation with heads of key companies in the power sector. Andrey holds a master’s degree in Physics and Business administration. Thanks to his 21 years of experience, he is well aware of the challenging issues in the electrical sector and this helped him become a recognized specialist, not only in Russia, but also abroad. He is a Scientist, Developer and Author of 9 patents, Winner of numerous awards for innovations in the energy industry, Observer member of CIRED, the Representative of RNC CIGRE SC B2 OVERHEAD LINES from Russia. Andrei is the author of numerous scientific publications.