Energy Efficiency, Sustainability & Conservation

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2022 @ 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Hall 1


Mr. Bernd Niemann

Bernd Niemann is an expert in AC Grid Stabilization. With a strong background in System Engineering for FACTS, he is now responsible for the development of Siemens Energy’s Grid Stabilization business by consideration of current and future customer needs. Inverter-based storage solutions like Super Capacitors and Battery Energy Storage Systems for Grid Stabilization are his current focus topics of Bernd Niemann.

Mr. Norbert Rosery

Norbert is responsible for energy storage solutions in the MENA region. During his 25-year career within Siemens Energy, he worked in a broad variety of different energy technologies like gas turbines, steam turbines, and boilers. His focus areas have been the improvement of efficiency, availability, and reliability especially of power plants in operation. He is a graduate engineer in energy and environmental protection technologies.