WETEX 2018

Visitors Guide

Welcome to WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2020, the first ever carbon neutral 3D virtual exhibition. To have a great experience at the exhibition, please note the following:

  • There are 3 ways to access the virtual event:
    • Visit www.wetex.ae using a PC or a laptop
    • Download WETEX smart app from the app stores
    • Click the virtual event platform button in the email you received, download the app and choose WETEX to access the platform

  • To have a seamless experience on the platform, please make sure you have a fast internet connection
  • After selecting your avatar, please follow the tutorial that will take you through the event’s experience
  • Once you finish the metro journey, you will reach Al Sheraa building. You need to walk towards the reception
  • In order to walk within the platform, press and hold the walk button on the bottom left of the screen and navigate left or right
  • You will come across two virtual hostesses who will assist you with any questions
  • You can access the event’s map and exhibitors list from the quick action bar
  • You can search for a specific exhibitor by the hall category they will be exhibiting in
  • Every exhibitor has three representatives on the stand. You can chat with any of them. If you wish to have a video conference, select an avatar with a video icon and he will send you a video conference invitation
  • To access the brochures or watch the videos at the exhibitor’s stand, move and stand close to the brochure stand or the video screen
  • There are 5 stages distributed across the halls. You can either walk to the designated stage or take a short cut from the action bar. At the stages, you can sit and enjoy insightful seminars conducted by global experts
  • You can ask your questions to the speakers through the ‘Ask Question’ button
  • On the main stage, translation will be available in 4 languages: Arabic, English, Chinese, and Korean
  • If you miss any session, you can access the recording on the agenda through the quick action bar
  • There is a notification icon (shaped like a bell) on the top right side of the screen, where you can find all messages, meeting requests, etc.

We wish you have a memorable experience at WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2020

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